Resolve IP Address for hostname on the iPhone


March 17, 2010

iOS, UIKit

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On the Mac you might use NSHost, but as this is missing on the iPhone you are of using CFHost. Or much simpler use some standard C functions and you can easily get an IP Address for a hostname on the iPhone:


        // Get host entry info for given host
        struct hostent *remoteHostEnt = gethostbyname(“”);

        // Get address info from host entry
        struct in_addr *remoteInAddr = (struct in_addr *) remoteHostEnt->h_addr_list[0];

        // Convert numeric addr to ASCII string
        char *sRemoteInAddr = inet_ntoa(*remoteInAddr);

        NSString *s = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat: @“Remote IP: %s\n”, sRemoteInAddr];

Do not forget that their might be more that one IP assigned to a hostname!

You can also get a nice tutorial at:

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