iPhone OS: ffmpeg for the iphone – Part 1

I am just checking if it is possible to get WMV9 support for one of my applications on the iphone using ffmpeg.

The good point a lot of people tried to get these working, but actually none covered if his application was approved for the AppStore. Due to Apples guidelines there might be some problems to get an approval. For now just some informations, I already collected:




These where basically my first finds – interesting reads, but after some more searching I found what I was really looking for, build scripts for Cortex8, arm1176jzf and i386 (aka iPhone Simulator)


If you combine these with the iFrameExtractor example project I found here:


you got a really nice demo project for the use of ffmpeg, which is also able to run in the iPhone Simulator. Lots of video formats are supported out of the box and you can also for example play Adobe Flash files. Streaming capabilities are there, but for flash you might need to fiddle a bit.

I will setup a demo project and ask the codza guys if they have no problem if I host it here.

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