SEO: Blackhat Tactics – Part 1

During working on a customer SEO project I just came across a competitor which is massively using black hat SEO tactics. Ethically now the question pops up, if the right approach is to respond by using the same or even better tactics. So here are some interesting reads on how to approach this situation.

Black hats really like to use automatic content generators, which post answers to forum posts or blog comments, just by querying databases like e.g. Yahoo Answers:

The tools used here are in my opinion highly black stuff, so if you follow these links you do it on your own and have been warned:

And there are even some “commercial” tools for forum and blog posts, to support you with your black thinking:

And if you need a good content generator just head over to:

Feel free to do what ever you read in the links, but be warned that these tactics might get you blocked by google or other SEs for years…

On the opposite I can just sit down and read another nice SEO Book

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